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Currently, an important and joyful event is being held at the Republican Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Pediatrics – Diagnosis and selection of the first 10 patients for a charity event from the Zamin Fund for Cochlear Implantation.
“The examinations are carried out by a group of specialists, such as: an audiologist, a neuropsychiatrist, a sound educator, an otolaryngologist, a psychiatrist. The age of the children, the experience of wearing a hearing aid, and post-lingual hearing impairment are taken into account. ” Selected patients will undergo preoperative preparation, surgery and rehabilitation therapy.
“The project will regularly conduct surgical operations to restore students’ hearing. This means that children with hearing impairment will be able to hear the voices of loving mothers, caring fathers, environmental sounds, music, and live a full life” said Z.Mirziyoyeva, fund Chairman .



The program is divided into three stages:
1. Equipping specialized boarding schools with modern assistive equipment
2. Improving teaching methods
3. Cochlear implantation for schoolchildren

At the first stage, specialized schools will be equipped with modern assistive (auxiliary) equipment, including audio classes for group lessons, speech simulators for individual lessons, audiometers and stationary sound amplifiers for further use in the educational process.

At the second stage, a comprehensive analysis of current educational programs in schools for children with hearing impairment is planned. For this, the project organizers together with the Ministry of Education will attract international expert institutions and their specialists.

It is noted that an important part of the program will be the free conduct of 30 cochlear implant surgeries annually for schoolchildren. This phase also includes subsequent rehabilitation.

Link to the source: www.kun.uz



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