Head of department – Ibragimova Khilola Zakhidovna, doctor of the highest category
There are 20 beds in the department.
Following diseases are treating:
asthma,respiratory allergosis,allergic rhinitis,food allergies,atopic dermatitis,medication allergies,eczema,hay fever (pollinosis).

In addition, children with post-vaccination reactions and complications undergoing treatment, and parents presented recommendations on the management of post-vaccination period.
Employees of the department for many years studying questions related to problems associated with immunization and vaccination among the children. Study areas are safety, efficiency and the development of a protective vaccine immune response to different types of vaccines. With the Office of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection on infectious diseases Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and our department participates in the development and introducing new vaccines in the national calendar of preventive vaccinations in Uzbekistan.


Department organizes jointly epidemiological investigations in all cases of post-vaccination reactions and complications arising in children. In recent years, scientific developments carried out and implemented in the practice of public health approaches to vaccination of children with perinatal central nervous system lesion, vaccination of children with low birth weight and premature children with allergic diseases.
By the employees of the department developed methodological guidelines and recommendations for vaccination children with vitamin A deficiency against measles.

Successfully introduced into practice recommendations on vaccination of children with post-vaccination reactions and complications. By the department carried out scientific-practical research related to vaccination of frequently ill (immunocompromised) children. Also designed “The Algorithm of investigation of adverse effects following immunization (AEFI)”.

This method assumes determination of adverse effects in children after immunization. The program based on increasing the number of vaccinated individuals and identification of complications and their causes.

This method can be use in medicine to improve the surveillance system of post-vaccination reactions and complications.

Currently, the department held research on the implementation of scientific and application grant APSS 15.1.8 “Development of criteria for predicting the effectiveness of vaccination in children with secondary immunodeficiency”


Employees of grant:

  1. Khalilov Gulnora Muhamedovna – Head of the Scientific Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences.
  2. Makhmudov Dilbar Inoyatovna – Leading Researcher, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
  3. Mirzamuhamedov Dzhalol Manapovich – Senior Researcher, PhD
  4. Mullaeva Lola Dzhavlanovna – Senior Researcher, PhD
  5. Abdullah Rakhimov Haitovich – Junior Researcher

In January and March 2015 by the employers of the department held workshops on vaccine prophylaxis in children of Tashkent and Jizzakh regions. Children with health problems consulted prior to the preventive vaccination.

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