Residency is a main post-graduate medical education, whose task is a two-year training of qualified pediatrician. Educational curriculum is based upon Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 18.12.2009 №319 and application №2 «Regulations on clinical internship” to this Resolution, the order of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan №204 of 12 July 2012 “On the requirements for curriculum content in the training and retraining of health employers and their order and approval “, and in accordance with government requirements for management and organization of the system of professional development and retraining of health care institutions approved by the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan № 303 dated October 25, 2012, and order №372 from November 4, 2013 “On improvement of normative documents on training in clinical internship.”

There are managed training in clinical residence by specialty Neonatology and Pediatrics in the center accordance to license on educational activity.

Annually the competition for admission to clinical residence is announced after the publication of Health Ministry resolution.

Application Date line until July 20, 2015.

The competition consists of 2 stages:

– 1st stage – Testing (in TashPMI);

– Stage 2 – interview.

Education duration:

Startup – September 2. Training for 2 years, during which students attend theoretical and practical classes. Training is provided by vacation: for 2 years for 1 week winter holidays and 4 weeks after the end of the summer vacation one year of study. At the end of the first year, residents should pass the exam. After graduation of second year, residents should pass final attestation in accordance with legislation and receive a diploma relevant specialty.

Terms of training on a fee basis

List of documents required for admission to residency:

The statement addressed to the Director of the Center


Diploma and a certified copy


Recommendation to clinical internship immediately after graduation

Four photos (3×4)

Medical form (Form 086)

Passport, military ID, and employment history (for employees) original and copy

Agreement document- 3 copies.

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Aripova D. S

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