1.The issues of organization and management of specialized pediatric services.

  • Implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 2221 from August 1, 2014 “On State program to further strengthen reproductive health, maternal health, child and adolescent in Uzbekistan for the period 2014-2018″- Modern aspects of health care reform;
  • Implementation of the programs in the field of specialized pediatric care in Uzbekistan and other countries;
  • Staff training: problems and solutions.
  • Informational- computer technology and public health.
  • Reproductive health.

2.Modern technologies of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of childhood illnesses.

3.Diagnostic- medical technology in the provision of surgical care for children.

4.Priority areas for the provision of intensive and intensive care for newborns and children.

Possibilities and importance of laboratory-instrumental diagnostics
  • Clinical biochemistry;
  • Clinical Immunology;
  • Medical and laboratory genetics;
  • Mother and child screening;
  • Hearing screening;
  • The perspectives of pediatric radiology to improvement of the quality of pediatric care;
  • Reference Laboratory as a tool for assessing the quality of research in the specialized pediatric clinics

5.Conference participation form:

Participation with paper, participation without paper, publications in congress materials, poster paper.

Satellite conferences and master classes with the participation of leading scientists and experts from Uzbekistan and abroad will be conducted within the framework of the conference