Head of Department – Nadjmuddinova Nozima Shamsutdinovna,  doctor of the highest category

In the framework of grand investigation there was performed master- classes on newborn screening program  and cochlear implantation system in the regions of the Republic

The Prof. Amonov Sh.E carries out medical and scientific activity in ENT department. The scientific investigation on innovation grand  are carried out in this department- IZ -2014- 0912031940 “Application of the complex of rehabilitation measures at the children with severe form of hearing loss”

Grand executors: Abdumannop Abdumjidovich Abdukayumov,  PhD; Shavkat Ergashevich Amonov– Professor, leading scientific employee , Doctor of Science; Radjabov Askar Hamrokulovich – Senior scientific employee, PhD;  Phayzieva Ubayda Yunusovna- Senior scientific employee, PhD; Nadjmutdinova  Nazima Shamsutdinovna – Senior scientific employee, PhD; Karimova Nargiza Abdullayevna; Makhmudov Maksud Ubaydullayevich – scientific employee; Khodjaeva Kamila Ravshanovna– scientific employee, temirova Shahnoza –scientific employee;


Surgery Unit- are equipped with high technology surgical equipment with the sets of video- endoscopy, microscopies, laser set and shaver for performing of ENT surgery

Surgery unit activity:

-Pathology of middle ear – reconstructive surgery on middle ear; tympanoplasty

-Nasal cavity pathology – reconstructive surgery on nose  and nasal breath  in the case of rhinitis

– Nasal septum deviation

-polyposis rhinitis;

– External ear and nose anomaly;

– Snoring;

-Larynx and pharynx pathology- endoscopic adenotomy and tonsillectomy;

– Benign tumors of larynx;

– Hoarse voice – post -intubation and post- tracheostomy granulomas of larynx and pharynx;

Unit of audiology and postcochlear rehabilitation

– Complex audiological diagnostics  (ABR, DPOAE, OAE, Multi ASSR, tonal and playing audiometry)

-preparing the patients for CI system, SP fitting monitoring

-Speech- therapy activity: speech – hearing rehabilitation of the patients with CI


– Picking up and fitting of hearing aids at the patients with average levels of hearing disorders

  High- technology methods of diagnostics and treatment carried out in ENT department

–       Early diagnostic of congenital hearing loss and deafness – “Neuro- audioscreening»

–        Cochlear implantation

–        Endoscopic polysynusotomy

–        Endoscopic dacriorhinocystostomy

–        Endoscopic microgaymorotomy

–        timpanoplasty

–        stapedoplasty

–        Plastic reconstruction of external ear

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