A Brief History

In Uzbekistan since 1927 till 1940 the Scientific-Research Institute of Maternity and Infancy headed the activity on the field of maternal and child health care, which ceased to exist in 1940 in connection with the organization of pediatric faculty as part of the Tashkent State Medical Institute.Uzbek Research Institute for Maternal and Child healthcare was reorganized in 1966. Research topics of the Institute were focused on directions:organization of therapeutic and,preventive care for children and mothers,maternal, perinatal and infant mortality,Prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the digestive system at the children,study the physiological characteristics of the child’s body.
In 1969 this Institute was renamed in Uzbek Scientific-Research Institute of Pediatrics retaining in its structure Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, on the basis of which in 1974 was organized Uzbek Scientific- Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. There are scientific departments of the Institute:

“We support the standards of quality of medical services and application of high-technological methods of prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.”

The founders of the Institute (Center) are:

service-icon-2In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 145 from May 21, 2009 “About organization of the Republican specialized scientific- practical medical centers” on the basis of scientific research institute of Pediatrics there was established Republican Specialized Scientific- Practical Medical Center of Pediatrics (RSSPMC).
  • Professor N.I.Osinovsky,
  • Professor M.A.Mirzamuhamedov;
  • O.S. Makhmudov – Professor, Honored Figure of Science, State Prize winner named A. Beruniy, corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician of Preventive Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a Member of the Committee for the Performing Union National Societies of pediatricians in Turkish-speaking countries;
  • T.A. Daminov – Professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Member of the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences.
  • The Institute (Centre) prepared 52 doctors and over 150 candidates of medical sciences.

Center management

  • Director


    Akhmedova Diloram Ilhamovna

        Author of more than 300 scientific publications.

    Pediatrician, scientist, public health manager. Excellent Health and Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan….

  • Deputy Director


    Salikhova Kamola Shavkatovna

       Author of more 80 scientific papers.

    4 guidelines and 2 patents for invention…

  • Head of Hospital


    Abdukayumov Abdumannop Abdumadjitovich

        Author of more 40 scientific papers.

    Member of the Association of Otolaryngologists of Uzbekistan, of the World Federation of Otorhinolaryngology and European Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons…
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Creation of the Republican Specialized Center of Pediatrics provides for compliance with the continuity in carrying out of qualified medical care to the children, taking into account administrative vertical, which based on continuous observation of the child from his birth and next life cycles until 18 years old.
The Center is a leading institution in the pediatric service of the Republic. Activities of the Centre are to provide specialized care for children’s population, carrying out scientific research in the field of pediatrics, organizational and methodical activity with the purpose to improve the quality of care to the children at all levels.
Considering the necessity of the population in a qualified specialized medical care in last 3 years there was expanded

Center`s activities, therefore there was created some new units in center: newborns pathology, cardiorheumatology, nephrology, neurology, pediatric surgery, department of congenital and acquired ENT pathology.

“We try to keep the status of benevolent attitude to the children “

There are 14 doctors and 44 medical candidates in the center nowadays.
Paying a huge attention to providing care to the children – the future of Uzbekistan, the government provides the necessary funds for reconstruction. In the framework of the program “Reproductive health / maternal and child health care” with the financial cooperation with the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as through allocated from the government budget center is equipped with modern medical and diagnostic equipment. Currently, the Center conducted a modernized and expanded capacity in providing specialized high-tech care to the children.
RSSPMC of Pediatrics is hard working to coordinate the scientific activity and implementation of state programs in the field of child health care.










Ambulatory care


Newborn pathology

Pediatric surgery

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