Head of department – Shagiyasova Jamila Akilovna, PhD, physician of the highest category

There are 20 beds in the department, employees of the department provides highly qualified specialized care for children with central nervous system disorders. Hospitalisation of children is carried out in a planned manner from all regions of the country.

The main areas of activity is diagnostics and treatment of children with

-Perinatal traumas;

-Perinatal lesions of the central nervous system;

-Infection of the central nervous system;

-Convulsive syndrome (convulsive seizures of various localization and causes);

-Various forms of infantile cerebral palsy;

-Breath-holding spell;

-Unspecified paroxysmal conditions;

-Febrile seizures;

-The consequences of inflammatory diseases of the nervous system (the effects of meningitis, encephalitis);



-Neuromuscular congenital diseases (muscular dystrophy, spinal amyotrophy, myasthenia gravis)

-Extrapyramidalаl disorders (chorea, tics, etc.)

-The minimal brain dysfunction enuresis

Diagnostic methods:

-Brain Ultrasound

-X-ray examination


-Laboratory Services

-Multislice computed tomography (from the 2nd half of 2015)


Contact us:

Shаgiyаsоvа Djаmilа Аkilovnа

Phone +(99871) 2293042