Head of the scientific department – Shamsiev Furkat Mukhitdinovich, doctor of medical science, professor, senior pediatric pulmonologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The scientific and clinical department of Pulmonology founded in 1992 at the Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics. Department designed for 25 beds – for children with bronchopulmonary pathology, coming from all regions of Uzbekistan.

From 1991 to the present day, pulmonology department manages by Shamsiev Furkat Muhitdinovich. In 2001, he defended his doctoral thesis on the topic: “Integrated Assessment of factors predisposing children to repeated acute respiratory problems and improve prevention”. In 2008 awarded the title of professor.

Since 2003 Shamsiev F.M. is senior pediatric pulmonologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Under his direction defended and approved eight PhD theses. Implemented in practice of pulmonology methods of psychological consultations, psycho-correction with involving medical psychologists. Significant positive results obtained in the correction between parents – child relationship. Currently Shamsiev F.M. manages grant on the topic ADSS 15.1.4 “Development of predicting criteria and methods of staged correction of asthma in children”

Standards for differentiated schemes of prevention and therapy of asthma in children being developed. The results will be implemented in health facilities of Tashkent and other regions of the Republic, which promotes to reducing child mortality and improving the quality of their life.


The department published 500 scientific papers, including 2 monographs, 40 guidelines, 30 newsletters, 10-patented inventions, 5 patents for software and 15 foreign articles. Personnel potential of pulmonology department in 2015 are: 7 researchers, including 6 PhDs, and one without a scientific degree.Employees of scientific department:

Senior Researcher, PhD – Khaydarov Mukhtabar Mannapovna

Senior Researcher, PhD – Musajanova Rano Anvarbekovna

Senior Researcher, PhD – Mirsalihova Nargis Hayrullaevna

Senior Researcher, PhD – Movlanova Shakhnoza Sobirovna

Senior Researcher, PhD – Azizov Nigora Davlyatovna

Senior Researcher, PhD – Asadova Gulnora Ubaydullaevna

Junior researcher- Tadjikhanova Dono Pulatovna

Head of the department of pulmonology – Abdullaeva Malika Kudratovna, PhD, physician of highest category.

The pulmonology department provides is highly skilled, specialized care for children with respiratory diseases. Particular attention is paid to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the following diseases: obstructive, recurrent and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia of various etiologies, including associated with TORCH infection, asthma, combined with hypothyroidism and metabolic syndrome.Examination for TORCH infection performs with following methods: Cultural and nasal smears, smears from sputum, lavage fluidImmunological tests: IFA, PCR, Express methods; immunofluorescence reaction of smear – imprints from the mucous membranes.


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