Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Pediatrics

Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute,

Association of Pediatricians of Uzbekistan

The congress was held in the framework of the Resolution of the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov, №2221 from August 1, 2014 “On State program to further strengthen reproductive health, maternal child and adolescent health in Uzbekistan for the period 2014-2018»

There are more 1,000 delegates participated in this congress: heads of public health institutions, scientists pediatricians, specialists of outpatient and inpatient health institutions at all levels of health care system.

In the framework of Congress there were held plenary and satellite conferences, master classes and surgery performances with participation of 50 world-renowned scientists in the field of health from other countries. (Germany, Austria, USA, India, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, the Republic of Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan) and also of international experts, health managers and leading scientists.

More than 150 reports were presented during for 22 workshops. 35 reports were presented by the foreign colleges where they discussed the achievements and the prospects in the field of child health care. During the Congress participants familiarized themselves with the exhibition of achievements in the field of maternal and child health in Uzbekistan.

At the plenary meeting greeting words were addressed to the Congress by the  Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan A. Ikramov, Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan Alimov A.V., Head of the WHO in Uzbekistan Hammer Asmus, Head of the UNICEF office in Uzbekistan Robert Fuderich, Representative of KW Bank of Germany Marlies Ziburger, Regional Manager of «MEDEL»for the CIS countries, Baltic states, Eastern Europe and South Alexey Ilchenko.

Directions of satellite and master classes:

“Management in the children’s medical institutions,”

“The introduction of modern technology and access to qualitative health services in the area of ​​child health care (WHO/ UNICEF) ”

,”Нigh- tech methods of diagnosis and treatment in pediatrics »

«High-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment in pediatrics»

“Modern technologies in emergence aid and neonatal intensive care”

“Minimally invasive surgery in pediatrics”

” Modern approaches to surgical treatment at the children with ENT diseases

” Modern approaches in pediatric cardiac surgery,

“Ophthalmology and Trauma,” “The opportunities of the pediatric Specialized Radiology”

“Modern technologies in the treatment of certain common diseases at the children

“Clinical Biochemistry: advanced technology and quality management”

The congress was held on 5 sessions:
  • The management and improve the quality of medical care to the children during for health reform.
  • The problems of primary and specialized medical care to the children.
  • Actual problems and priorities of pediatric surgery.
  • The treatment and rehabilitation of children with ENT diseases.
  • A global partnership to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in Uzbekistan: results and prospects to further reduce infant mortality.

Particular attention is paid to the problems of primary and specialized medical care for children, topical issues in the field of clinical pediatrics pulmonology, gastroenterology, hepatology, childhood infection, neuroscience, cardiorheumatology, endocrinology, nephrology, ophthalmology, hematology, oncology.

Great interest was aroused discussion in the field of surgical care to children in Uzbekistan and ways to improve it; the introduction of minimally invasive and endovascular therapies.



At the congress widely discussed the problems of ENT diseases at the children. Together with scientists from the CIS and foreign countries presented information about the high-tech methods of treatment of ENT diseases.

Special attention is paid to modern surgical approaches during cochlear implantation,  children with airway stenosis, hearing screening process and possibility of using telemedicine.

The effective new high-tech methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the children with pediatric and surgical diseases, medical tactic in some viral infections in HIV-infected children (by Daminov T.A.) were well represented in conference.

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency at the children: problems and solutions. (Privorotskiy V.F. – St. Petersburg, Russia); innovations in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anemia at the children (V.M. Chernov – Moscow, Russia); Modern principles of diagnosis and treatment of children with the astenovegetative syndrome under epidemic season (Galaktionova M.Y.- Krasnoyarsk, Russia); Modern approaches in treatment of bronchial obstruction, hypoxic ischemic conditions at the children; modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of sepsis and  nosocomial pneumonia.

Modern neonatal resuscitation techniques, neonatal intensive care, neonatal ventilation principles were presented in master classes (Manuel Schmidt – Germany). Particular attention is given to various aspects of the problem of premature ad low-birth-weight babies. The issues of early diagnosis of adverse effects of perinatal brain damage in newborns according to gestational age, early intervention in the prevention of movement disorders at the children with low birth weight were reflected in some reports.

High surgical skills techniques were demonstrated by foreign surgeries in practice seminars. The educational seminars for practitioners were carried out in laboratory unit.

There was adopted the resolution of the Congress with follow recommendations:
  • 1. To continue the realization of measures aimed to development and modernization of the pediatric service.
  • 2. To improve the access to high-quality qualified medical care to children in regions of the republic.
  • 3. To pay special attention to the development of high-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment in the provision of specialized care for children.
  • 4. To improve the system pre- and post-graduate training in specialized medical care for children.
    To increase the professional level of pediatricians for all types of specialized care
    ( RPMMI, RMA and CMA).
  • 5. To improve the quality of implementation of government programs aimed to protecting maternal and child health by expanding of researches in this field.
  • 6. To continue the activity on further improving of primary health care, supporting the prevention of childhood and adolescence disease.
  • 7.Tto implement the correctional and rehabilitation measures to improve the child health care in common- educational institutions
  • 8. To continue the activity for improvement of vaccine prevention at the children with impaired health.
  • 9. To implement the modern pediatric technology in diagnostics, treatment and prevention of childhood illnesses.
  • 10. To introduce computer information technologies in the field of child health care.

The cultural program including famous art sights of Uzbekistan and the Pearl of the Orient an ancient city of Samarkand were offered in the framework of congress for  participants and congress gests.

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