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We would like to share an interesting clinical case. Patient is 4 years old. She was hospitalized in the cardiorheumatology department of our center for inpatient treatment with complaints of elbow and knee pain, restricted movement, inability to walk, and the presence of hard formations under the skin. From the medical history: 3 years ago, the child suffered an acute respiratory viral infection, after which leg pains appeared and a temperature rise to 39-40 C. They went to the family clinic and she was treated on an outpatient basis with negative dynamics. After that, she was hospitalized in the regional hospital, but there was no positive dynamics. When the child’s condition worsened, she admtted to our Center. During the examination by cardiorheumatologists of our center, the child had limited movements in the elbow and knee joints, contractures (pelvis, knee, elbow joint), deformities and edema, numerous subcutaneous calcified formations and keloid scars on the body. The child was diagnosed with juvenile dermatomyositis and a treatment plan was prescribed according to standards. Re-assessment will be carried out after 3 months.
* Photos published with parental permission.

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